Ready to spend more time with clients and less time on business? 

My Massage Mentor is a fully online, supportive membership that can help: 

  • transform your approach to marketing to and retaining clients
  • make the business side of your practice more manageable and less intimidating
  • save you hours on fiddly administration
  • provide a friendly, knowledgeable ear when things are hard
  • achieve the life you dreamed of when you became a massage (or other complementary) therapist

For about the cost of one weekend CPD workshop, you can get one year of access to My Massage Mentor.

How much time & money could you save if you had support & advice at your fingertips 24/7?

Hi, I’m Katherine, Founder of My Massage Mentor.

I'm also the founder and principal therapist of Leyton Sports Massage, a multi-award winning clinic with 3 locations in London.

There are so many passionate and talented massage therapists in the world who are a little bit lost after they finish their training. They may have fantastic skills as a therapist, but all the other stuff… well, it can be overwhelming.

By sharing everything I’ve learned about business, client care, marketing, and systems in the last decade and giving it to you in an online membership site so therapists like you can successfully support themselves with a good life balance and clients they love.

You can try MMM for 14 days, and if you don’t like it, if it doesn’t make your life easier, or if it doesn’t help you save time or get more clients, you can get your money back (check out my money-back guarantee below).

More on what’s included:


Our trainings are valid for CPD points with most professional and regulatory bodies. They cover topics like:

  • Resources: learn about online tools (many free) you can use to save yourself time
  • Email scripts: Training how to deal with difficult client situations, or follow up, with scripts you can copy and use
  • Systems : why spend more time on admin than you have to? MMM’s systems trainings help you 
  • Marketing training: from feeling icky to in love with marketing, so you can have more clients to help instead of an empty room
  • Mindset training: common mindset blocks we need work on as therapists


Each month we’ll work through, live, a topic for your practice. All previous workshops are available in our library as well. Previous workshops have included:

  • Create a rave-worthy customer experience
  • Create time-saving systems to stay on top of your money
  • Create your next marketing plan
  • Create your 90-day plan

Check out our content calendar to see what we have planned next.

Accountability & Live Coaching

Each week in the forum share your goals for the week and progress from last week. It helps you prioritise your most important things & keeps you on track.

Monthly live co-working & questions calls encourage you to show up & make progress on tasks that you’ve been putting off or get live coaching for anything you’ve been struggling with.

What people say about Katherine & MMM:

Katherine is clearly a therapist who cares very much about people (rather than a businesswoman who wants to turn us all into profits, which is the impression I’ve had from other advisors), so I’m basically working with someone who aligns with and understands my own values, and is showing me how to make them work in a business setting.

Emma C

I’ve found the trainings I’ve done SO helpful.
I’m really excited to see what new trainings you’ll add to stimulate me and take me to the next level.
Thanks so much for all the help and confidence you’ve given me so many good take home messages!
Heather N

“Starting out in any industry is hard, but starting out in Sports Massage Therapy is tough.

Katherine gave me the building blocks and confidence to approach all clients and new situations with a level head and professionalism.
Katherine offers fantastic training and support for all her therapists. Working with her is the best way to start out your career.”
Marcus S

Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

You didn’t learn massage therapy by googling and trial and error – so why learn how to build your practice that way?

If you’re ready to learn from someone who’s done it themselves, to have support and guidance in achieving success – whatever that word means to you – I’m here and ready to help you.

I believe if you’re dedicating your life to help people feel better, you shouldn’t be doomed to live off beans on toast or working all the hours in the day to make a living.

Membership is £257 for six months, and you get a our ‘foundation checklist’ that tells you exactly what to do first, and then what, and then what. After the six months, you can renew to keep getting access to the monthly trainings and workshops. 

You only need to get one extra hour appointment per month from your MMM membership earn it back and then some, and what you get is 24/7 online trainings, a supportive community, live coaching calls, and accountability to focus and reach your goals.

There are no long-term contracts – you can cancel any time and we even have a 14 day money back trial period.

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