You should love your business as much as you love working with your clients.

If you’d like:

    • 10-20 regular bookings a week
    • marketing that feels fun & connects you with people you look forward to working with
    • to enjoy 80% of the non-therapy side of your practice (because you should) 
    • systems to get your biz stuff done and still have free time
    • tips to create budgets & manage your finances
    • step-by-step practical trainings that show you how to make everything in your practice work for you… 

Then maybe you’d like some help from My Massage Mentor.

How much money are you losing every month you're not fully booked?

How much stress are you under every day that you're not really sure what you should be doing?

Does it really make sense to re-invent the wheel all by yourself when you could get there faster by learning from someone who’s been where you are?

Hi, I'm Katherine, Creator of My Massage Mentor

I’m also the founder & principal therapist of Leyton Sports Massage, a multi-award winning clinic with 3 locations in London.

I believe you 100% deserve to have a GOOD life, make enough money to support yourself WITH down time and holidays, and enjoy 80% of your business. 

I’ve helped therapists at my own clinic for the last decade, and wanted to extend my knowledge to every therapist who’s struggling with all the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of running a business. 

If you’ve tried other business trainings and it’s made you feel icky or fake, then MMM may be right for you. 

Every training revolves around YOU figuring out what’s right for YOU. 

In each training I show you how I learned to take classic business principles and adjust them to feel right for me & my personality, so you can do the same. 

Here's what you can find in My Massage Mentor:


every training in the online training library is available 24/7, walking you through step-by-simple-step teaching not only classic business principles but ALSO how to choose or adapt them to feel 100% YOU.

Covering topics like:

marketing: learn all the different ways to market, including newsletters, social media, and word mouth, and how to adapt each one for your business

mindset training: running your business with the wrong mindset is like trying to walk with a 100kg rucksack on your back. Yes, you can do it, but it would be MUCH easier without it.

money: one of my least favourite topics, but a necessary part of running a business! Our money trainings teach you how to set up systems to track income/expenses, budget, and even how to choose your pricing.

systems: learn how to batch & systemise activities to save you time

boundaries: as therapies we want to be everything for everyone, but that leads to burnout. Boundary trainings help you create policies (like cancellation policies), communicate them to clients, and enforce them with compassion and kindness.

email scripts: sample scripts for most interactions you need, much easier than writing everything from scratch.

plus branding, designing your website, and much, much more.

free facebook group

Our free facebook group is open to all massage therapists/complementary therapists, whether you’ve purchased a training from our shop or not. 

You can join by clicking on the ‘join our free facebook group’ link at the top of the page, and use it to ask any questions you have around running your business or if you’re working through one of our trainings and have a question.


the roadmap

You may know where you want to start, or you may feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts in running a business. 

Enter the Roadmap. 

The roadmap has 3 phases and gives you some direction as to where to start. 

Phase 1 is all about your foundations – identifying your ideal client, creating your policies, and setting up your website. Perfect for preparing to open. 

Phase 2 is about getting a fully-booked client list. This includes marketing, improving your rebooking rates, and basically just getting as many of your perfect clients into your clinic as possible. 

Phase 3 is systemising & streamlining. When you’re busy, you want to spend as little time on boring admin as possible, so phase 3 is about finding where you can reduce time spent on things you don’t love, and eventually start to outsource it. 

You don’t have to follow the phases in order, though.

You might be joining when you’re already open but not busy, so you start in phase 2 to fill your diary. 

You might be just starting out but alongside a full time job – in that case, you’d start with Phase 3 for time-saving AND Phase 1 for getting started. 

The Roadmap is there just so you don’t get paralysed by indecision when choosing where to start. 

(the roadmap was created when MMM was still a monthly membership – it still exists, I’m just figuring out how to make it available for therapists … watch this space!)

What people say about Katherine & MMM:

‘Katherine is clearly a therapist who cares very much about people (rather than a businesswoman who wants to turn us all into profits, which is the impression I’ve had from other advisors), 

so I’m basically working with someone who aligns with and understands my own values, and is showing me how to make them work in a business setting’ 

Emma C

‘I’ve found the trainings I’ve done SO helpful. I’m really excited to see what new trainings you’ll add to stimulate me and take me to the next level. 

Thanks so much for all the help & confidence you’ve given me – so many good take home messages!’  

Heather N

Starting out in any industry is hard, but starting out in Sports Massage Therapy is tought. 

Katherine gave me the building blocks and confidence to approach all clients and new situations with a level head and professionalism. 

Katherine offers fantastic training and support – working with her is the best way to start out your career.’

Marcus S

Are our trainings right for you?

You didn’t become a massage therapist by googling & trial and error – you found a school and got certified. 

That’s how you know that it makes no sense to google and trial and error building your business. 

You know you want to learn from someone who’s already done, who’s studied business and marketing and built their own clinic, and you KNOW you want to learn from someone who has the same values as you do. 

If THIS sounds like you,

If you want to learn from someone who built their own business by themselves over the last 10 years, who ALSO invested in learning how things work, 

If you want to run an ethical, honest business that focuses on client care as the top priority.

If you believe your business should be FUN for you,

Then I’d say MMM would be a pretty great fit.

It might not be for you if...

You have an ‘I already know this’ attitude you can’t get rid of. No matter how many times you *think* you’ve seen something, you can ALWAYS learn from it, IF you come with an open mind.

You don’t have / can’t make the time to work on your business. 

Tech stuff overwhelms you – this is a 100% online library, so if tech makes you anxious you may want to find more in-person trainings. 

You’re not willing to try things out. To make progress, you have to experiment. If you know you’re not happy to do that, you probably won’t make much progress with us. 

You never ask for help. Even the best training in the world, you’ll need help from time to time.  

Still on the fence? No. Problem.

You don’t have to buy anything right now. 

Sign up for my free emails where you’ll get free mentoring to your inbox AND discounts when we release new trainings. 

Join our free facebook group and get a feel for how I talk, how I teach, and my approach to building and running your clinic. 

Or, get in touch.

I’m always happy to answer questions – send an email or message on Facebook and I’ll get back to you with any questions. 

To be honest, I’ve made this as low-risk as I possibly can to encourage you to try it, because I really want you to be successful and happy as a massage (or other complementary) therapist. 

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