About My Massage Mentor & Its Creator

What is My Massage Mentor?

And who is this person you’re learning from?

Well, allow me to introduce myself (and my massage mentor)…

Katherine Creighton Crook

Katherine Creighton Crook

Creator of My Massage Mentor (& Leyton Sports Massage)

Hi! I’m Katherine.

If I were you, I’d want to know who this Katherine person trying to help me be a successful massage therapist?

That’s a fair question.

About Me

In 2006, I got my first qualification in remedial massage (after admiring the idea of massage therapy from afar for… quite a bit longer).

After working at a couple clinics in the city, I started my own, Leyton Sports Massage, in 2010.

Now, 8 years later, it’s a multi-award winning clinic with 3 locations in London and a fantastic team.

I believe that massage should be accessible to everyone, and that our industry needs more support for newly-qualified therapists, so I baked those principles into my clinic.

Having studied business, marketing, and struggled through a good many awkward client situations on my own (learning, in the process, there is no such thing as common sense. Really.) – I want to help other massage therapists so they don’t have to figure it all out on their own.

other fun facts:

  • in 2014 the clinic won ‘Best Professional Service’ in our borough
  • in 2015 I won FHT’s Excellence in Client Service Award
  • in 2016 the clinic won ‘CAMExpo Clinic of the Year Award’
  • in 2017 I competed in the World Massage Championships in Copenhagen
  • I’ve published articles in International Therapist & Massage World Magazine

Too many therapists leave training excited to get to work helping people, only to find themselves struggling through aspects of massage therapy that their training couldn’t have prepared them for.

What Is My Massage Mentor?

My Massage Mentor is a new (opened in January 2018) online training library plus member forum plus live coaching support for massage therapists

membership includes:

  • 1-2 new online trainings every month (which most professional bodies will accept as CPD*
  • access to all previous trainings in training library
  • live q&a’s to get personalised advice
    (recorded so you can access later)
  • community forum to get support from fellow massage therapists & feel less alone

You can check out our trainings & Q&A schedule in the content calendar here. 

Member can also request trainings that aren’t scheduled OR vote for scheduled trainings to be brought forward.

*Whether or not the training counts as CPD depends on the specifications of individual professional bodies, but most will allow a certain amount of theoretical and/or business/non-practical massage work towards your annual CPD requirements