Accessible Offers For Massage Therapists During Lockdown

massage therapist needs help with business

Right now, many massage therapists (and other complementary therapists) find themselves with time on their hands. 

It’s the perfect time to work on your business – your marketing, your website, your services. 

Buuutttt…. it’s also a time full of stress and anxiety and difficulty focusing. 

I want to help you make the most of this time, but I understand that for many of us our income has dropped significantly, making it harder to invest in the help you need. 

Hi, I'm Katherine

I created My Massage Mentor so massage therapists could fulfill their dream of being a successful therapist while also enjoying (really enjoying) the business side of their work. I’ve created these pay-what-you-can options so you can get the support you need to prepare for returning to work post-lockdown, even if your financial situation is difficult. 

Choose an amount that doesn’t create stress for you, but also enough of an investment that you’ll make use of whichever option you choose

If you have any questions about the options here, don’t hesitate to submit a support request or send a message at the MMM facebook page or group. 

30 Days Access to the MMM Online Library - Pay What You Can

The MMM library has over 50 trainings covering:

  • marketing, 
  • developing your website, 
  • creating your newsletter, 
  • improving your customer experience, 
  • improving your mindset, 
  • managing your finances, and 
  • tools and software to save you time and money, 
  • and much, much more. 

There’s also a roadmap to help you figure out which trainings to focus on (only do the trainings that help you move your practice forward). Still not sure? Just ask for help in the free facebook group.

Pay anywhere from £5 to get 30 days access to the MMM online training library, and you can renew as long as we’re in lockdown.


Pay What You Can - 1 Hour Mentoring Call

Sometimes we absolutely KNOW the thing, but we just need to hear it from someone else. 

Or, we need an ear with experience, who understands our business, to help us get centred a create a plan. 

Katherine is offering one-hour slots of mentoring, and you just pay what you can afford to get access to her support. 

She has currently opened 5 slots to start with, and will open more as she sees what her schedule looks like in February. 

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email asking you preferred days and times and once it’s confirmed you’ll get a zoom link to get your hour.


Get A Full Month of 121 Voice Support with Purchase of an MMM Membership

For February and March only, if you sign up for the MMM membership (£23/month) you’ll get full 121 voice messaging support from Katherine for the duration. 

Imagine what you could do with your business if you could talk through your stuck points with an experienced massage therapist who believes you enjoying your business, as well as making money, is a priority. 

There are currently 10 slots open for this option. 


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