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Content Calendar & Training Roadmap

Below you’ll see our current content calendar and training roadmap.

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Content Calendar

Below is our calendar for the Q&A’s. For scheduled training & dates, scroll down to see our training release schedule (under the training roadmap).

To see trainings we’ve already released, scroll below ‘unscheduled trainings’.

Date/Time30 January 2018, Tuesday 10:00 AM23 February 2018, Friday, 10:00 AM28 March 2018, Wednesday, 10:00 AM30 April 2018, Monday, 10:00 AM24 May 2018, Thursday, 10:00 AM27 June 2018, Wednesday, 10:00 AM19 July, Thursday 2018, 10:00 AM

Training Roadmap & Release Dates

This is the roadmap of the trainings we have scheduled and when they’re due for release. If you’d like to suggest a new training, or bump a training up the schedule, you can vote for it in the forum.

May/June Scheduled Training

Scheduled Release DateTraining TitleCategory/Series
1 May 2018 GDPR & Data Protection: What You Need to KnowEthics & Legal / Marketing
15 May 2018How to Market in PersonMarketing / Mindset / Client Interaction
1 June 2018Your Email Marketing ChecklistMarketing / Systems & Planning
15 June 2018Social Media Marketing: Your Questions AnsweredMarketing / Systems & Planning
15 June 2018Social Media Schedulers: How to Use Free & Paid SoftwaresMarketing / Tools & Resources

July Scheduled Training

Scheduled Release DateTraining TitleCategory/Series
6 July 2018Training releasedTBC
20 July 2018Training releasedTBC

Unscheduled Trainings

The following are trainings that aren’t on the schedule yet – if you’d like to vote for it to come earlier, you can head over to our forum and vote on trainings (or request topics).

Training TitleCategory/Series
How to Create Your Brand IdentityMarketing
How to Create a Post Session ChecklistSystems & Planning
Confidentiality: Are You Respecting Your Client’s Confidentiality?Ethics & Legal
Taking Payment with a Card MachineFinance
Guidelines for Advertising within ASA Standards (and Where to Get Help)Ethics & Legal
Series: How to Set Up a ClinicFinance / Systems & Planning
How to Choose Where You Work (Clinic, Home, Gym, Mobile)Systems & Planning
How to Record Treatment NotesEthics & Legal
Using Canned Responses to Reduce Your Emailing Time (with suggested responses checklist) Client Interaction / Systems & Planning
How to Hold Boundaries with Client (Firmly but Kindly)Client Interaction / Systems & Planning
How to Set Up with an Answering ServiceFinance / Systems & Planning
How to Feel More Comfortable around MoneyMindset / Finance
How to Feel More ConfidentMindset
The Rest of the Make a Plan Series: How to Talk to Clients About Rebooking without Feeling PushyClient Interaction / Mindset
How to Design Your Own Website (with Checklist)Marketing / Tech & Tools
How to Choose Your PricesFinance / Mindset

Trainings Now Available (aka Already Published Trainings)

Training TitleCategory/Series
Reflection & PlanningSystems & Planning
Ideal Client: What It Is & Why You Need OneMarketing – Ideal Client Series
How to Create Your Ideal Client ProfileMarketing – Ideal Client Series
How to Plan Your Marketing Based on Your Ideal Client ProfileMarketing – Ideal Client Series
The Essential Mindset Shift to Make When Talking to Clients About RebookingClient Interaction/Marketing: Make a Plan Series
How to Handle a No-ShowClient Interaction
How to Create a Recommendation Programme for Yourself/ Your ClinicMarketing
What to Do When You’re Ill Client Interaction
Training TitleCategory/Series
One Thing You Must Never Do In MarketingMarketing – Foundations
How to Switch Your Mindset to Make Marketing Easier (and Feel Better)Mindset/Marketing – Foundations
Tour of Cliniko: Practice Management SoftwareTools & Resources
How to Create Free Graphics for Social MediaTools & Resources
How to Create a Cancellation Policy (and Enforce It)Client Interaction/Systems
Creating Autoreply to Save You TimeClient Interaction/Systems & Planning
Make a Plan Trainings 2 & 3: Why You Need the Conversation and How to Start ItClient Interaction/Marketing
How to Follow up with Clients (with Email Script)Client Interaction
Two Easy Ways to Track Your FinancesFinances / Systems & Planning
A Free Tool to Help Your Spelling & GrammarTools & Resources

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