It's time to love your business as much as you love massaging clients.

You didn’t want to have a business. 

You wanted to be a massage therapist.

But, for some reason, after you finished training, you realised you’d have to start your own practice. 

Maybe it was too hard to find a job you liked, or the pay was too low, or it seemed like your only option. 

Anyway, lots of therapists did it…

How hard could it be?

Find a fab therapy room, 

create some flyers – maybe a website, 

and you’d be set, right? 

If you're story's like mine, we both know what happened next...

A trickle of new clients after opening, slowing down to 1-2 a week if you’re lucky. 

Rebooking hit or miss – you don’t want to be pushy after all, right? 

Finally, you decide to take the leap and learn what this ‘business’ stuff is all about… 

One search of 'how to market my business' and suddenly you're being stalked with ads like

‘Easily fill your practice with new clients with this simple method’ 


‘365 daily live stream topics to explode your client list’ 


‘Stop posting on social media to get clients! Learn my method’ 

The more blogs, YouTube videos, and free ebooks you look at, 

The more it feels like everyone else is busy and successful and you’re just stuck in the weeds with WAY TOO MUCH to do.

How the blip do you choose which '5 step formula' or 'secret web design formula' to use?

You’ve tried all the new formulas, techniques, and tactics. 

None of them feel like you. 

Sometimes you push through… 

and end up feeling icky. 

Other times you have to give up because you just can’t bring yourself to do that

How can it be this hard? You just want to help people!

As yourself. 

Not being fake, pretending you have a different personality, 

Not being pushy or manipulative. 

You just want to have a diary full of clients you love.

Clients who like you for you. 

Who appreciate your work

(and don’t complain about your prices!) 

You want to spend your free time with your family, or learning more massage techniques. 

NOT memorising ‘5 principles of persuasion’ 

or following a marketing strategy that feels like pulling your own teeth with a rusty drill set. 

You're starting to wonder if your mother/father/sister/old boss was right...

Maybe massage therapy isn't a career option.

Or worse… 

Maybe you’re just not cut out to be a massage therapist. 

Why Nothing's Working... Yet

Here’s the problem most massage therapists face. 

Most massage therapy training doesn’t teach you the business side of things 

(aka marketing, sales, finances, systems, customer experience, boundaries) 


Too much ‘normal’ business trainings are all 

‘Here’s the one single best way to make a successful business’ 

Often smarmy, or gross, or

Just doesn’t fit YOU and YOUR personality.

Here's the secret to building a successful practice:

There is NO ONE WAY to create a successful massage practice. 

In fact, the biggest secret is:

The best way to build your successful practice is to build on your own unique personality & perspective. 

To double down on what makes you unique. 

The problem with this? 

It can’t be made into a super-sellable formula. 

You're the secret to making your business the practice you've always dreamed of.

The secret to having a dream practice full of clients you love, where you enjoy 80% of your business activity, is to tap into what makes you you. 

To find the marketing activities you love,

to create experiences for your clients that are a joy to deliver, 

to create processes & systems to shrink the time you need for the stuff you hate

(and eventually outsource it) 


Hi, I'm Katherine - I've been doing this with my own clinic for the last 10 years.

It’s a process – a journey. 

It never ends, but it gets easier and more fun. 

And it’s something I want to share with you. 

I’m the founder & principal therapist of a multi-award winning clinic in London (7 awards so far) 

I'm teaching massage (and other complementary therapists) how to build a businss they love, that feels aligned, authentic & true to themsleves - no pretending required.

I’ve spent more than my fair share on business trainings and mentoring – some great, some awful. 

I’ve learned intrusive ways to build my email list, 

Extraordinarily complicated facebook targeting strategies,

Email tactics that made me cringe. 

And I’ve also learned from some of the best, heart-centred, dynamic entrepreneurs on the planet. 

The thing that makes the most difference, 

That makes running my clinic the most fun 

Was learning how to take the ‘standard’ business principles

and convert them to activities I love. 

This is what I want to share with you. 

Don't get me wrong - it's a process, and not always an easy one.

It’s a process I’m still going through and probably always will. 

It’s not always easy because you’re forging your own path. 

No one has walked exactly this path before you. 

So it will take some work and some trial and error. 

I’m here to help you make it a little easier and a little faster.

In the trainings you'll learn how to take 'standard' business principles and re-form them into something that feels true, comfortable, and authentic to you.

Every training in My Massage Mentor explains the principle

Then shows you how to tap into yourself to see how you can make it yours. 

How you can make it fun for you, 

And fun for your clients. 

Get unlimited access to our training library, or buy one training at a time.

We offer monthly unlimited access to our full training library for £20/month. 

Monthly access also gives you access to a monthly live support call, so you can come with your questions & get help if you’re stuck. 

Or you can buy lifetime access for various trainings in our onlin shop. 

Wonder what we cover? It's a lot.

We offer monthly unlimited access to our full training library for £20/month. 

Monthly access also gives you access to a monthly live support call, so you can come with your questions & get help if you’re stuck. 

Or you can buy lifetime access for various trainings in our onlin shop. 

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