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Audio Training Length: 11 min 35 sec

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Ideal Client Marketing Plan
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Ideal Client Series 2: How to Identify Your Ideal Client

Discussion Topic: Ideal Client Series


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Welcome to the first training in the Ideal Client Training series.

What Is An Ideal Client Profile and Why You Need One (Before You Do Any Marketing)

Obviously, you can do marketing without an ideal client profile, but in this training, you’ll get a full picture, or a better picture, of why you should have an ideal client before you start your marketing.

It makes marketing a million times easier.

After you finish this training, the next training is how to identify your ideal client profile, and it comes with a worksheet. I’ll work you through that, and then the next training in the series will be how to use the ideal client profile to inform all of your marketing.

If you’ve worked in marketing or a business before, you may already be relatively familiar (or very familiar) with an ideal client profile, what it is.

But for everyone who doesn’t have any familiarity with marketing, an ideal client profile at its most basic, is just the profile or mental picture that you use when you’re putting together your marketing.

It’s also called an ideal client avatar. Some people call it your muse, your bio persona or just ideal client.

Why do you need an ideal client profile?

Why is it important to do this exercise before you do marketing?

Have you ever read a product description, or come across a website online or read a blog post, or watched a sales video, and thought “oh, my gosh, that’s me.”

Like, “that’s exactly me, I need this.”

If that’s happened to you that’s probably because you are that person’s ideal client.

On the flip side, have you ever come across a website that’s just really generic; they just are kind of like “we can help everyone, we can help everything, come to us because we’re good at everything”?

I know I have, and I don’t know about you, but when I see something like that, I’m not convinced that they are the people who are going to help me.

There’s a phrase in marketing that says if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.

People want to go to service providers and businesses and people who understand them who they believe will help them with their problems and they’re going to believe that if they feel like you understand them.

If your website is really general and it says “I can help everybody”, you’re not going to convince anybody that you’re the person for them.

Two Reasons Why an Ideal Client Profile Is Good for You & Your Customers

I wanted to tell you two specific reasons why an ideal client profile is good for you, it’s good for your clients, and it’s good for your business.

You know, I get it can seem a little bit pointless or even counterproductive, especially when you’re starting out to limit your marketing to a specific group of people.

Most of the time when I tell people about this ideal client profile or why you need to market specifically to a group of people, they say “well I can help everybody.”

As in, “my massage is good for anybody with any sort of pain”, and you know what, to a certain degree that is true.

I know that almost everybody I see on the street could probably benefit from some sort of massage with all the stress that we’re carrying around and muscular imbalances.

#1: You will attract MORE clients if you’re specific in your marketing.

But, actually, you will help and attract more people if you are specific in your marketing and use an ideal client profile to do that.

Imagine that you have a roof problem.

You go upstairs one day to your loft room and you realise that there’s a leak, or it’s coming through your ceiling.

Now you go online and you search, and you look for roof problems and there are people who can fix roof or roofers, whatever’s the term you’ll put in.

Now imagine that you get one website that says

“we are great general contractors, we can help anything, here’s the list of things we can help. We can help roofs, we can help recarpeting, we can help electrics, we can help plumbing, blah blah blah blah,”

and let’s say that the other website that you see says

“We specialise in roofs. We’re really good with roofs. We can identify the cause. Here’s some testimonials of people we’ve helped with their roofs, like we are roof people.”

As a customer, who are you going to go with?

Are you going to go with the person who says they can do everything or

Are you going to go with the person who has demonstrated to you that they are very familiar with what’s going on with roofs?

Most people, barring something weird (like the roof people seem really dodgy and the general contractors seem, you know, lovely and have won a million awards), would go with the roof specialist because you think “I want somebody who’s familiar with my problem.”

So if you’re a massage therapist who is saying I can help everything, I’m good with all of these problems, here’s a list of what I can help, they’re probably going to look at that and think:

Okay, that’s fine but you know, I’m not really sure if they’re really going to be able to help my problem. They’re probably a little bit good at all of these things but not really good at what I need.

Even though it seems like you’re narrowing down your marketing pool, you’re actually making it more likely that the people who you can help will actually come and choose you, especially if you have any sort of competition around you because they’re looking at something that speaks to them.

Now, there are ways to market to multiple different ideal clients within one website.

At my clinic (on our website) we have an area for runners. We have an area for neck and shoulder pain.

Even though we’re quite specific in our marketing we still get people who don’t fall into these categories, (so you don’t need to think oh, well, if I only market for shoulder pain I’ll never get anything else).

That’s where actually you can get more clients when you’re marketing with an ideal client profile because what you’re putting out there is resonating with people and they’re going I need to go to this.

#2: Your clients are going to have a better experience (and so are you)

The second thing about marketing to your ideal clients and bringing your ideal clients to you, is that your clients are going to have a better experience.

I want you to think about the last time that you had a client you absolutely loved.

You just clicked with them. You had a great outcome. It felt effortless.

They rebooked really easily.

It was just one of your favourite sessions.

Now, in that situation, how easy was it for you to give them good service?

Most people would say pretty easy.

When you’re working with people who you love you naturally go the extra mile.

This is the secret about working with your dream clients, or your ideal clients.

You give them amazing service and it almost doesn’t feel like you’re working.

Now, if you think of the last nightmare client you had (like the last person who you just from the moment they sat down you thought oh, my gosh, and it did not get any better).

The person who you didn’t gel with, you really struggled. They kind of seemed surly or moody or difficult and you just couldn’t wait for the session to end (of course you’re still a consummate professional).

You’re still really kind and thorough and you kind of accomplished their goal for the session but I can almost guarantee that if you were struggling during that session – no matter how much you tried to hide it – they probably picked up on it.

If your marketing attracts 90 percent of your ideal clients, if most of the people who come to you are people you love working with, how likely do you think it is that those people are going to rave about your service to their friends and family and keep coming back?

On the other hand, if your marketing attracts some ideal clients, but the other half is just so-so, people who are really draining for you and they probably only come back if they have no other option and even though it’s through no fault of your own it’s just the chemistry doesn’t work.

How much harder do you think it will be to build your practice?

And just a side note here, when I’m talking about ideal clients, I don’t mean you’re just looking for your easy clients, the easy people to work with.

For me personally, I have a special place in my heart for the clients who are a bit gruff on the exterior or maybe a bit more difficult to handle. But, when you dig a little bit deeper, it turns out that they’ve had a hard time in their life and they need a little extra understanding.

I put those in my ideal client category because they come in and I create a safe space for them, and maybe it’s not their first session but after a couple of sessions they open up and I know that I’m helping them deal with stuff in their life through massage and through holding the space with them.

You don’t need to think that an ideal client is just an easy client.

You can have clients who you love to serve but maybe not everybody would love to serve them.

It can be broader than just somebody who’s smiling and happy.


To sum up, an ideal client profile is a description or an outline of who you would like to work with the most, like your dream clients, and then you use that when you’re doing any sort of marketing for yourself from flyers to social media.

The reasons that you want to use an ideal client is:

One, people are more likely to choose the service providers that they feel speak directly to them versus if they’re lumped into a generic big group (aka if you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody)


Two, if you’re attracting your ideal clients to your practice, your life will be easier, you’ll like your job more and it will be easier for you to build your practice (because you will naturally be giving clients better service).

Now, there’s a topic in the forum about the ideal client series, so you are welcome to stick any questions you have or insights or ah-has from this, or if you’re still not exactly sure why you need an ideal client the next training is how to identify your ideal client.

So if you’re ready, you can hop on over there now, download the worksheet and start listening to the recording.

Otherwise I hope you have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing you in the next training.

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