The first step to making 2019 better is to look back at 2018

Too many people complain about their life but NEVER change it.

We’ve all had that client who comes back session after session, complaining about a pain that would be easy to fix if they just admitted to themselves they needed to change their posture and did it.

As therapists, we sometimes have that same lack of awareness around our own lives – complaining we want something to be different but never stopping to figure out what we need to do to make it happen.

Once you’ve looked back at your year, you’ll be ready to plan strategically for 2019.

Reflection is too easy for us to put off in place of more ‘urgent’ tasks.

Taking time to reflect is one of the most important tasks to prioritise if you want your life to be better in 2019.

I hope you’ll take the time and join us for this December workshop.

19 December 11:00

Join me for a live workshop to reflect on 2018

Registration Fee = 27

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What we’ll be doing live:

  • finances

    what trends can we see? where was there growth, and where did we slow down?

  • more please

    what did we have in 2018 that we want more of?

  • no thank you

    which things do we want less of or to get rid of completely?

  • marketing review

    which marketing worked, what didn’t, and what needs more time

How much is it worth to make sure 2019 is better and more like your dream life than 2018?


Is it more than one 60 min massage booking?


If you’d like to get clear on what you can do to improve 2019, join me for this live workshop.