Do you know the cheapest & most effective marketing?

Customers who rave about you to their friends.

Unfortunately people are more likely to talk about bad experiences than good – which is why your client experience is so important.

But… when’s the last time you thought about your client’s experience with you?

If you’d like to audit your client’s experience and find ways to make it amazing for them, more in line with you and your values as a therapist, and for that client experience to encourage your clients to send more people like them your way – join me for this workshop.

Note: this workshop is 100% online.

After you register, you’ll get the link for the video call – a few minutes before the workshop just click that link and you’ll automatically be connected to our call.

23 November 13:00

put together a rave-worthy customer experience or package for your clients

Registration Fee = 27

  • click the button above to purchase your seat
  • after you checkout, you’ll be given a link to register to the workshop
  • you’ll immediately get a confirmation email/receipt
  • before the workshop (usually 24-48 hrs before) you’ll get a note with what to prepare/bring with you to get the most out of the workshop

What we’ll be doing live:

  • your goal

    how do you want your customers to feel/what do you want them to get from you?

  • touch points

    auditing all your client touch points – where can you improve?

  • Prioritise

    for impact & effort

  • plan

    decide when you’ll do what so you can improve your touch point now (without overwhelm)

How to decide if it’s worth it:


If you improve your client experience/have a signature package, how likely is it that you’ll get another client through word of mouth and/or they’re likely to rebook?


If you think it’s likely, you’ll make a profit on this workshop with just one extra massage booking.